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Sunday, January 17 “Exploring PA-German Fraktur,” 1 pm Join Schwenkfelder Library & Heritage Center curator Candace Kintzer Perry for an illustrated lecture on Pennsylvania German decorated manuscripts, commonly known as fraktur. Perry will introduce and define fraktur for those who are unfamiliar with these intriguing cultural artifacts, and also take the audience on a brief journey through the fraktur of Northampton and Lehigh counties. Come prepared for a lively discussion with your questions and comments. Perry is Curator of Collections at the Schwenkfelder Library & Heritage Center in Pennsburg. Included with regular museum admission or $5 donation requested. An exhibit of the NCHGS collection of Pennsylvania-German fraktur and copy books continues till February 14 in the Regional Artists Gallery during regular museum hours. Sigal Museum of the Northampton County Historical & Genealogical Society 342 Northampton St. Easton, PA 18042 Ph. 610 253 1222 www.sigalmuseum.org


the Spangenberg fraktur (“the Easton Bible Artist”) – on exhibit at Sigal Museum

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The Jungmann Woodblock Fraktur Artist of Reading, Pennsylvania: With a Peek at Other Woodblock Artists. By Corinne Earnest, Patricia Earnest, and Russell D. Earnest

The work of the Jungmann Woodblock Fraktur Artist (JWA) is unique. His illuminated woodcuts which include birds, flowers, colonial figures, and mermaids decorate 23 documented Taufscheine (baptism certificates). His hand-stamped artwork was often the only decoration on a Taufschein, giving each sheet a distinct, easily-recognizable look.

The Earnests also provide a glimpse into the work of 11 other fraktur artists who decorated with woodblocks including Henrich Otto, the Pseudo Otto Artist, the Hanovertown Artist, Samuel Siegfried, and others.

Temporarily available only from Russell D. Earnest Associates. Bookstore owners, historical societies, and etc., email for discounts on bulk purchases.

S/C, B/W and color illustration, 47 pages. Everyname Index. 22. 95 plus 3.99 s/h. Shipping is free on orders placed through the website: www.earnestarchivesandlibrary.com



As most of you know, Corinne Pattie Earnest, the driving force behind Russell D. Earnest Associates and The Earnest Archives and Library, died late in May. Patricia Earnest stepped into Corinne’s shoes and will keep the business and the library moving forward.

One of Corinne’s last projects was the Ernst (Earnest) and Pattie Ahnentafel (a genealogical list of “begats” which reads like a phone book). It includes many other surnames related to Ernst and Pattie, such as: Knapp, Osantowski, Toot (Dutt), Weiser, Gibson, Douglas, Watkins, and many others. The 59 page Ernst (Earnest) and Pattie Ahnentafel is now available at $19.95, postage included if ordered from the web site. Otherwise add $3.00 s/h.

As mentioned, Russell D. Earnest Associates remains in business and books listed herein are available. We are putting the finishing touches on The Jungmann Woodblock Fraktur Artist and A Peek At Other Woodblock Artists. We anticipate the book will be available before December.

We would like to thank all of you regarding your kind words in memory of Corinne.

Ernest Pattie Ahnentafel cover







Flying Leaves and One-Sheets examines the most overlooked window to the Pennsylvania-German culture – the broadside. Discover how early American German-language printers amplified messages by producing broadsides having dynamic typographical ornaments and hand-illumination. Through broadsides showing comets, reciting folk stories, and describing murders, explore the literary appetite of people called “Pennsylvania Dutch” by reading what 18th and 19th century Americans of German heritage considered relevant, shocking, and mystifying.

134 color illustrations, everyname index
Hardcover, 352 pages, $70 plus $8 shipping

Pennsylvania German Broadsides: A Reflection of Daily Life, 1741-1890 PDF Print E-mail

Pennsylvania German Broadsides: A Reflection of Daily Life, 1741-1890 by Trudy E. Gilgenast. Black & white illustrations of 146 Pennsylvania German broadsides with translations. Hardcover, 288 pages. Index. $75.

Peter Montelius: Teacher and Printer, Printer and Teacher PDF Print E-mail

Peter Montelius: Teacher and Printer, Printer and Teacher is now available. Peter Montelius (1791-1859) taught and printed in northern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and in Union and Northumberland Counties, Pennsylvania. He printed numerous German-language broadsides, many of which have graphic images. His broadsides are often rare and highly collectible.

The 241-page, softcover Peter Montelius: Teacher and Printer, Printer and Teacher features 88 editions of broadsides and printed materials associated with Montelius or imprinted by him. It also includes images of 7 broadsides printed by his sons, Timothy and Marcus. The book costs $39.95.

The Pennsylvania German Broadside: A History and Guide PDF Print E-mail

Don Yoder, The Pennsylvania German Broadside: A History and Guide. A survey and analysis of Pennsylvania German broadsides by the esteemed authority on Pennsylvania German culture and folklore. Hundreds of mostly black-and-white illustrations. Hardcover, 366 pages, $50 plus $8 shipping.

Berks County Pennsylvania Fraktur: Geburts und Taufschein PDF Print E-mail

Richard and Rosemarie Machmer, editors, Berks County Pennsylvania Fraktur: Geburts und Taufschein. Covers freehand and printed fraktur of Berks County. Over 30 color illustrations. Lists Berks County fraktur artists, scriveners, and printers. Softcover, 24 pages, $15 plus $3 shipping.


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